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Hello world! (My first Blog)

1 Jan

So this is my first blog and I am somewhat lost (I feel like there’s way too many options that I haven’t taken advantage of).

I’ve heard of how awesome wordpress is, so I decided to use it.

Unlike many blog starters, I haven’t been following other people’s blogs for years (in fact, I’ve never followed a blog in my life but I’m about to start today).

Also, I don’t think there’s anything I know a lot about so my blog will not be specific to any topics. I have no cute kids to blog about, I am not a photography¬†fanatic, I’m not a tech expert, but I do know a thing or two and I am starting this blog to share any random thoughts that occur in “my twisted head”.

I am a (female) engineering student but I’d like to think there’s more to my life than that. I guess I may end up blogging about some techy things every once in a while but I also plan on blogging about other things like music (I play and listen to a lot of music), arts, lifestyles, food, or any other random thoughts I have. I do get some funny and interesting thoughts every once in a while, so I guess the main thing is to remember to blog about it.

One of the biggest blog challenges I’ve faced so far was coming up with a name for my blog! I am not fully happy with this one but it was really hard to find a good name that’s available so I guess I am quite satisfied. Especially since my blog is not specific to a single topic.


I hope somebody ends up reading those at some point.

Please comment to let me know that someone at least saw my blog (even if you just say hello!). Also, I would appreciate any tips on using wordpress.

Thanks in advance for reading. I’ll try to be interesting!